Mambat Plaza

Mambat Plaza is Heilan Group’s flagship project in commercial property market. The first project is located at the garden city Zhangjiagang and has become the first HOPSCA in the city and a new landmark.The gross floor area is about 260 thousand square meters, of which around 150 thousand square meters are above ground and 110 thousand square meters underground. About 120 thousand square meters of space is occupied by shopping mall, another 60 thousand square meters went to SOHO offices and Grade A office buildings. It is the biggest commercial complex in Zhangjiagang, covering all local retail sectors.

The design of One-stop shopping model puts great emphasis on delivering consumers the latest and most exciting shopping experience. B1 houses supermarket and fast food restaurants. First floor has introduced internationally acclaimed luxury brands, cosmetic and skincare products and nutritional supplements. On the second and the third floor are women and juniors apparels from domestic and internationally famous brands. On the fourth floor are high-end business and casual menswear. On the fifth floor are household products, sports and leisure, children’s garments and footwear, toys and infant products. The six and seventh floor are occupied by a movie theatre, a theme restaurant and a banquet hall. Mambat, together with Jiangsu Broadcasting and Omnijoi Media, has launched the first world-class IMAX theatre in Zhangjiagang. The project includes grade 5A office buildings and SOHO areas, gathering elites from near and far, and supporting modern business operations by highly-efficient and convenient design and implementation of intelligent technology.

Mambat will no doubt lend unique charm to the city where it was born and help repaint its scenery. Mambat advocates for a balanced lifestyle where fast and slow paces peacefully coexist. Enjoy life to its fullest -- slow down, relax and unwind.

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