Heilan Fortune Center

Heilan Fortune Center, as the landmark of Jiangyin, is a 258 meters-high office building invested by Heilan Group. The project is located in the center of Jiangyin Yingzhicheng CBD with sophisticated supporting facilities and convenient traffic network. The project is able to provide a beautiful scenery of surging Yangtze River coming from the North, rendering a panoramic view of the No. 1 county Jiangyin from other three directions.

Heilan Fortune Center is planned to be a high-level, advanced and modern 5A office building covering a gross floor area of 220 thousand square meters。 It comprises a 55-story tower and a 4-story podium with the interior decoration reaching the 5-star standards。 The entire project has been delivered with refined decoration。 The lobby is 12。2 meters high while the story height is 4。2 meters。 22 Schindler elevators guarantee easy access with the waiting time less than 40 seconds。 The building provides a parking area (underground/ground) of 2000 vehicles, equipped with parking lot recognition system for guaranteeing traffic efficiency and satisfying the parking demands。 On the top floor is executive center housing high-end meeting room, coffee bar, cigar lounge and wine bar, exclusively for the top leaders。 The building also has a heliport on the roof。 Heilan Fortune Center will be the ideal choice for demonstrating the identity of your business。

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