Taoyuan Resort

Taoyuan Resort is built within the Heilan International Equestrian Club in Xinqiao, Jiangyin。 It is a five-star luxury resort combining guest rooms, dining and conferences services。 The resort comprises three parts: main building, conference building, west building。 It provides 163 guest rooms and restaurants offering both Chinese and western cuisines。 Foods offered are health-conscious and nutritious, satisfying different needs。 The largest banquet hall can accommodate over 600 guests。 The resort has world-class conference center。 Other services include cigar lounge, private wine cellar, swimming pool, fitness center, hair salon, business center, International Equestrian Club and two standard-sized tennis courts。

Taoyuan Resort has a luxurious Western European architectural style。 Interior design emphasizes comfort and elegance with a scenic surrounding。 The resort uses Mediterranean style garden and water design, seamlessly blending together the European style with the beauty of nature。 As a resort for casual stay or vacation, it is a perfect destination for those who appreciate life quality。

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